Compliance Assessments

Our Compliance Assessment service simulates a full customs audit, determining your level of compliance and risk areas. We’ll recommend ways to improve your internal customs process and reduce risk – whether from potential penalties or from missed opportunities.

As part of the Compliance Assessment, Livingston will examine each of the following processes to assess levels of program compliance:

Tariff classification – We review your ability to determine classification and manage or validate classification provided by third parties.

Valuation – We review the logic and documentation used to determine the value for duty of your goods. We also look at your pricing relationships with related and non-related parties.

Origin determination – We verify that audit trails exist to support rule of origin claims under free trade agreements, such as NAFTA.

Record keeping – We examine record-keeping practices to identify gaps with customs or Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

Duty reduction – We ensure that all duty programs are being properly administered.

Results from our review of your documents and processes allow you to gauge your level of compliance to customs rules and regulations and identify areas of potential risk, give you the peace of mind that in the event of an audit you have already taken steps to review and address gaps or areas of non-compliance, avoid penalties and Sarbanes-Oxley issues and if serious non-compliance issues are discovered, allow you to voluntary disclose.

To get started on determining which compliance issues you may need to address, take our free 10-minute Trade Compliance Health Check.