Audits & Audit Assistance

Customs authorities are increasing the number of audits they conduct and the use of penalties. They’re not only focusing on larger importers, but are also on smaller importers that have fewer resources to invest in managing sound compliance programs, controls and the people to manage them. As part of their auditing process, Customs is returning 12 to 18 months after an audit has been conducted to verify that non-conformances have been addressed and recommended changes have been implemented.

If Customs has questions about your importing practices, has provided you with a questionnaire or notified you of an audit, we can help you be confident you are complying with Customs’ requirements in the way that you should. We will help you identify areas of non-compliance and learn how best to disclose them to Customs.

As part of our Audit Assistance service, we will:

  • Review and prepare questionnaires.
  • Attend the initial audit/importer meeting.
  • Review Customs’ selected sample transactions for completeness, accuracy in order to understand the level of compliance prior to submission to Customs.
  • Continue to provide technical support throughout the audit.

By accessing our experience and knowledge about customs audits, you will be confident in knowing that you can rely on the experts who have helped many importers through a difficult audit process.