Certificate of Origin Supplier Solicitation

Taking advantage of reduced duty through free trade agreements, such as NAFTA or CETA, requires you to have a valid Certificate of Origin for all qualifying goods from each of your suppliers, each year. For importers with many unrelated vendors and a large tariff base, collecting and verifying certificates of origin can be an onerous task to take on within a short time frame each year.

Livingston Consulting can help. Through reporting and monitoring capabilities, you’ll see the status of the solicitation and your suppliers’ responsiveness. Our team of customs specialists will work with your suppliers by:

  • Sending out a Certificate of Origin package to each supplier.
  • Following-up regularly for outstanding certificates.
  • Doing a prima facie review for completeness and accuracy.
  • Creating a supplier database that will cross-reference products and parts.
  • Giving your suppliers access to Insight® NAFTA, allowing them to view and update NAFTA information for their products online.

How you’ll benefit:

  • Take advantage of maximum savings by using preferential duty rates and know you can meet the regulatory obligations that come with them.
  • Minimize your risk of financial penalties from non-compliance by meeting deadlines.
  • Focus on your core business by removing the annual burden of collecting Certificates of Origin.