Draft release: Seizure of merchandise for import or export to various countries, entities and individuals

Commission for Regulatory Improvement (CONAMER)

The Secretariat of Economy (SE), published on the portal of the National Regulatory Improvement Commission (CONAMER), the draft, which aims to establish the tariff fractions of the goods that are prohibited from importing or exporting to the countries, entities and persons indicated.

Countries to which merchandise seizures apply:

  • Federal Republic of Somalia: goods listed in item a) Annex I
  • Members of ISIL (Daesh) and Al-Qaeda, Islamic State and Taliban organizations and other individuals, groups, companies and entities associated with them: goods listed in item b) of Annex I
  • Republic of Iraq: goods listed in item c) of Annex I
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: goods listed in section d) of Annex I
  • Republic of Sudan: goods listed in subsection e) of Annex I
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: goods listed in subsection f) of Annex I of this Agreement.
  • Islamic Republic of Iran: goods listed in item g) of Annex I
  • Libya: goods listed in item h) of Annex I
  • Lebanese Republic (Lebanon) goods listed in item i) of Annex I
  • Central African Republic: goods listed in section j) of Annex I
  • Republic of Yemen (Yemen): goods listed in item k) of Annex I

When a query is required, it must be done through the procedure called “Queries to the administrative units of the Ministry of Economy, except in matters of foreign investment” with homoclave SE-00-003, presenting a free letter addressed to the DGFCCE.

The Secretariat will review, at least once a year, the lists of merchandise subject to embargo, in order to propose to COCEX to exclude from the same the tariff items whose embargo no longer applies, or to integrate those deemed convenient, based on in the applicable technical criteria.

Compliance with the provisions of this Agreement does not exempt from compliance with any other requirement or regulation to which the importation or exportation of merchandise is subject, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

This Agreement will enter into force on December 28, 2020. Upon the entry into force of this ordinance, the Agreement by which measures are established to restrict the export or import of various goods to the countries, entities and persons indicated is abrogated.

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