Valuation is key to your company’s success as an NRI

For anyone thinking of becoming an NRI, it’s important to understand proper valuation and how it needs to be part of your overall business strategy. Valuation, essentially, is the price you declare for your goods in Canada – and as with any business strategy, the value of your goods plays a significant role in your the success of your business.

In our guide, “Valuation is key to your company’s success,” you’ll learn the following:

  • Why valuation matters
  • The methods available to you to help you set the proper value for your goods
  • How to set the Transaction Value of your goods

You’ll also learn the various factors that you should consider when valuing your goods, such as management fees, freight and more.

Download “Valuation is key to your company’s success” today and start ensuring the correct valuation for your goods!

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