Paperless billing: Three options for Livingston clients

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Explore your greener side with paperless billing

As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver flexible solutions, promote sustainability, and reduce our environmental footprint, Livingston has introduced a series of paperless billing options for clients.

By choosing a paperless billing option, clients will receive invoices more quickly and can more effectively streamline their processes, while saving on filing time and recycling costs.

Three paperless billing options

You can choose from three paperless invoice options:

  1. Secure Post Billing – An easy and secure way to have your invoices posted to your own folder, leveraging File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to exchange files with a username and password.
  2. Email – We can preset several email addresses in order to automatically send invoice packages to multiple users, including your third party payment company.
  3. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – The invoice data is pushed to your Accounts Payable department once a day using 810 EDI transaction set, saving you time spent searching and aligning paper copies.

For more information on each option and for some pointers on which may be right for you, please download our Electronic Invoicing info sheet. Each of these options is available now; if you’re ready to go paperless, contact your client service representative today!

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Curious to see what kind of impact paper invoices have on the environment? We’ve compiled some interesting stats. Take a look at our infographic.

Paperless Infographic Digital