Global chemical company

Great rates only go so far – winning means going above and beyond.

As the service provider responsible for the customer’s northern border customs brokerage and export freight business, Livingston leverages this company’s contracted freight rates and manages their air and sea export bookings, letters of credit, export declarations, export documentation, customs brokerage with other brokers, and more.

Acting as an extension of their team, we coordinate all of the customer’s shipping, customs clearance, shipment updates and record keeping. By managing the freight process for this global provider of specialty chemicals and ensuring we had a full understanding of their freight and transportation business needs, Livingston was able to proactively identify gaps in their supply chain. Based on these gaps, we brought recommendations to the customer that simplified their supply chain and saved them money.

One of the cost-saving opportunities identified by our trade experts was the customer’s inefficient Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process.

Due to a lack of internal resources and expertise, the customer had been relying on a third-party provider to transmit the data between the customer and its various trade partners.

“The customer was using a third party provider, strictly for routing their EDI data – at a cost of more than $100,000 a year. We showed them how they could eliminate this process and were able to work with them to set up their own EDI – this was achieved at no additional cost to the customer.”
– Nicole Calabris, Account Executive, Livingston International

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