Turning a warehousing crisis into a supply chain success story

Athletics company: How Livingston turned a warehousing crisis into a supply chain success story.

The customer’s warehouse lease was being terminated, and budget constraints were limiting their options for a replacement. Time was running out when they turned to Livingston for help.

When you’re in the business of selling heavy, bulky items like gym-floor mats, training equipment and workout accessories, the last thing you need is to discover suddenly that you no longer have a place to store them.

But that’s exactly the situation in which our customer, a Minnesota-based training facility outfitter, found themselves recently. Abruptly given notice that their warehouse lease was ending, they had mere months to find a new space. With few viable alternatives due to budget restrictions and a shortage of available properties, our customer was in the unenviable position of having a lot of heavy product… and nowhere to put it.

With no new options and time running out, they contacted Livingston to see how we could help resolve their predicament.

“We realized the customer would benefit from a more comprehensive offering, rather than simple warehousing support,” said Chad Smith, Trade Management Executive at Livingston International. “What’s more, we could save them money in the process.”

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