A Mobile App that Moves at the Speed of Trade

Livingston International Launches Cross-Border Trade App
December 4, 2014

TORONTO – Truck drivers delivering commercial shipments across the Canada-U.S. border have a new ally to reduce their wait time at Customs: the Livingston International Tracker app.

The app is specifically designed for carriers, giving drivers the information they need on the clearance status of their shipments as quickly as possible. Both the U.S. Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS) and the Canadian Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS) are optimized for mobile on Livingston’s Tracker app, keeping drivers informed of their shipment’s status no matter where they are.

Livingston’s Speed Scanner functionality enables truck drivers to use a simple barcode scan to check shipment status, with no need to type in barcodes.

For shipments without a barcode, the driver simply keys in the shipment information to find the shipment status. There is no longer a need to phone a dispatcher and wait for them to check the status.

The app also features “set and forget” functionality for shipments entering Canada, so truckers can get PARS shipment alerts with the click of a button. For even more speed and convenience, carriers can also opt for SMS and/or e-mail shipment updates.

“All roads lead to our clients,” said John LaMancuso, SVP Global Sales and Marketing, Livingston International. “They have counted on us for up-to-date PAPS and PARS tracking information for years. Livingston’s Tracker app now provides them with an even stronger solution to simplify their life at the border.”

The Tracker app is available for download on iOS, Android and Blackberry. Livingston has also updated their tracking web pages so they are fully optimized for mobile.

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