Livingston International announces BiTA membership

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. March 1, 2018 Livingston International Inc., a leading provider of freight forwarding, customs brokerage and trade-consulting solutions, announced today its membership in the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA).

The membership will allow Livingston to provide input into an evolving set of industry standards for rapidly developing blockchain technology that will serve as the core of digitized business transactions in the world of international freight.

“Livingston has a long history of making strategic investments in pioneering technologies that help us streamline our operations and better service our customers,” said Craig Conway, chief technology officer, Livingston International. “We believe blockchain technology will play a critical role in redefining the logistics landscape; it will change how stakeholders in freight, fulfillment and customs will interact with one another. As a leader in customs and compliance, we want to ensure we can take a leading role in how blockchain shapes our industry.”

BiTA brings together stakeholders in transportation, as well as finance and technology, to offer critical input on the application of blockchain technology in the trucking, transportation, and logistics industry and to identify and overcome emerging challenges.

“Livingston International joining the Blockchain in Transport Alliance is a critical addition as it brings expertise to this area that is so important to global trade,” said Chris Burruss, president of BiTA. “We look forward to engaging with Livingston International as we develop the world’s first transportation industry-specific blockchain standards.”

As the largest customs broker in Canada and one of the largest brokers in North America, Livingston can provide invaluable insight to BiTA regarding the customs and compliance process. Livingston looks forward to collaborating with other BiTA members in the development and implementation of industry standards for blockchain use.

About Livingston International

Livingston International focuses on customs brokerage and trade compliance, offering international trade consulting, global trade management and freight forwarding. It provides clarity in a world of trade complexity, so businesses can grow further, faster and smarter. Livingston employs almost 3,500 staff at 100 key border points, sea ports, airports and other strategic locations across North America, Europe and Asia. Visit us at, and on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About BiTA

Founded in August 2017, BiTA’s goal is for members to participate, discuss, create and implement industry standard uses of blockchain applications. BiTA aspires to provide clarity and direction for the development of blockchain technology in the trucking industry in a manner that will create efficiency, transparency and foster trust. BiTA standards are intended to create a common framework to help organizations develop and adopt blockchain technology. Learn more at

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