Ports or borders, which was the most relevant for the train in 2019?

In 2019, cargo traffic through the railroad accumulated a handling of 125.2 million tons, as T21 reported, of which 88.3 million tons were reported in terms of foreign trade, that is, 70 percent.

But, what borders and what ports were the trains through which had this movement?

According to the 2019 Railway Statistical Yearbook, recently published by the Railway Transport Regulatory Agency (ARTF), 74% of foreign railway trade was reported through the import service with 66 million tons, which meant 1.7% less than the 67.2 million tons of 2018.

Of this figure, 70% was handled by the borders with the United States, adding 47.6 million tons, which meant an increase of 0.9% compared to the 47.2 million tons of the previous year.

In this area, Nuevo Laredo was the main border with 44.6% of the cargo, closing with an accumulated 21.2 million tons that crossed from North America to Mexico.

Piedras Negras followed with 25% when registering the crossing of 11.9 million tons; Ciudad Juárez, with 16.6% and 7.9 million tons; Matamoros, 7.2% of the import traffic with 3.4 million tons.

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