New Tool to Determine US APHIS Import Requirements

New Tool to Determine US APHIS Import Requirements

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the development of a new tool used to assist in determining the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) entry requirements for products being imported into the U.S.

The Agricultural Commodity Import Requirements (ACIR) portal allow you to determine APHIS import requirements using simple search criteria such as product common name and country of origin. The tool will determine admissibility and whether an import permit needs to be obtained.

APHIS is asking for feedback during their beta-testing of ACIR’s first module on ‘Plants and Plant Products Not for Propagation’. Videos are available to assist in learning and navigating through the portal to access information, submit questions, and provide feedback. Feedback will be used by APHIS to improve the user experience as they continue to develop the interface.

Completion of the tool is expected in fiscal year 2022, and will include the import requirements for Animal Products and Byproducts, Plants for Planting, Other Miscellaneous and Processed Products, Soil and Soil Amendments, Treatments, and Procedures. They eventually hope this tool will replace their Reference Manuals.

General questions on APHIS’ new ACIR tool may be directed to the Livingston PGA Compliance Team or your Livingston account manager.