Moving forward with amendments to Energy Efficiency Regulations

Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) has recently confirmed its plan to move forward with amendments to the Energy Efficiency Regulations, as well as the use of Ministerial Regulations authority to maintain harmonization with minor and administrative changes to U.S. requirements

Technical bulletins will be posted online, and webinars offered later this Spring for the energy-using products listed on the regulatory plan. The bulletins and links to register to the webinars will be found on the pre-consultation page.

Amendment 18 would:

Update or add energy efficiency and/or testing standards, as described in the technical bulletins released in July 2022, for certain energy-using products.

Amendment 19 would:

Update or add energy efficiency and/or testing standards, and/or labeling requirements, as described in technical bulletins to be released by July 2024, for certain energy-using products:

The next Ministerial amendment(s) would:

Update specific elements of the regulations to maintain alignment with the U.S. for certain products – this section will be updated as needed when the U.S. completes final rulemakings.

For more information, including the lists of products, please consult the Forward Regulatory Plan 2024-2026.