Minister of Transport to amend Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations

The Minister of Transport announced new amendments to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations that would enhance reporting requirements and expand data collection. The proposed amendments would apply to the transportation of dangerous goods in all transportation sectors.

The Regulations Amending the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (Part 8 – Reporting Requirements) was recently published in the Canada Gazette Part 1.

The proposed amendments would broaden the scope of the original reporting requirements and help improve emergency response and risk analysis through stronger, more comprehensive data collection. This additional information would allow Transport Canada to establish more effective regulations in the future.

New reporting requirements would also be put in place for dangerous goods incidents involving road vehicles, aircraft, aerodromes, and air cargo facilities, allowing the department to obtain more comprehensive information for all transportation sectors.

These amendments propose to…

  • modify the criteria and circumstances under which incidents involving dangerous goods would be reported;
  • require additional information for the initial telephone report to CANUTEC, the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre, following an incident;
  • add new requirements for the 30-day written report to improve the data available for emergency response and risk analysis;
  • add a new requirement for reporting lost or stolen dangerous goods, or that have otherwise been interfered with, to better align with security provisions in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act; and
  • adopt the International Civil Aviation Organization reporting requirements for dangerous goods that are either incorrectly declared or undeclared.

Comments are requested in writing on or before July 6, 2015. Please send comments to Transport Canada via e-mail or by telephone at 613-990-5766.