Lead wheel weights prohibited from import and manufacture in Canada

The Government of Canada has announced the publication of Prohibition of the Manufacture and Importation of Wheel Weights Containing Lead Regulations, coming into February 3, 2024.

Lead is highly toxic and is known to be harmful to the nervous and reproductive systems of both humans and wildlife and can affect the kidneys and cardiovascular system in humans.

Despite its toxicity, lead remains the most common material used when manufacturing wheel weights, due to its resistance to chemical corrosion. Lead wheel weights routinely fall off and can turn into dust over time. This dust is harmful as it can build up in soil, enter waterways through runoffs, or be inhaled.

The new Regulations would prohibit the manufacture and import of wheel weights containing more than 0.1 percent of lead in weight in Canada. Manufacturers and importers will have until February 3, 2024, to transition to safer alternatives, such as steel.

Additional information is available on the Government of Canada’s website here.