Information regarding the application of the identifiers in Annex 2.4.1

Tax Administration Service (SAT)

It is reported that when you choose to comply with the Commercial Information Standards in national territory, in accordance with the provisions of numeral 6, sections II and III of the Annex of NOMs, the code NM of appendix 9 of Annex 22 of the General Rules of Foreign Trade in force must be declared in the petition (RGCE) and as authorization number, the folio number of the contract entered into with the verification or authorized inspection unit in question must be declared, regardless of the transmission of the documents corresponding electronic or digital.

The foregoing, considering that it is required in the definitive importation when any of the following is declared identifier keys contained in appendix 8 of Annex 22 of the RGCE:

  • PA, Compliance with the Official Mexican Standard to be verified in a General Warehouse of Authorized deposit and,
  • PB, Compliance with the Official Mexican Standard for verification within the national territory, at a private address.

On the other hand, it is made known that the code N3 of appendix 9 of Annex 22 of the RGCE, must be declared when the Commercial Information Standard in question is being complied with at the time of dispatch.

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