Importing livestock feed policy updates for plant-based single ingredient feeds

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has recently updated the regulatory guidance RG-10 Importing livestock feeds (mixed feeds and single ingredient feeds) into Canada

The guidance document was updated for the following:

1) Plant-based single ingredient feeds and African Swine Fever

African Swine Fever (ASF) is a severe viral disease affecting domestic and wild pigs. It originated in Africa but is now spreading in various parts of the world. Although not present in Canada, ASF can spread through contaminated feed or feed ingredients and, as such, the CFIA has put controls in place for the import of plant-based single ingredient feeds of concern. Importers of any grains and oilseeds and their associated meals should be familiar with the import requirements for plant-based single ingredient feeds that are being imported for use in livestock feed. Importers should also understand when and how these controls are applied. For more information on the impacted products and countries as well as the Animal Health Import Permit application process, review: Importers: understanding feed controls to prevent African swine fever.

2) What to do if there are issues with importing feeds into Canada
It is important for importers to contact the CFIA’s National Import Service Centre (NISC) and/or their local CFIA inspection office for assistance. Importers should have the following information available to assist with CFIA’s follow-up:

  • any relevant information from NISC/CBSA concerning the nature of the import issue
  • transaction number for the shipment
  • HS code used
  • end use indicated
  • copy of the feed (product) label

The CFIA publishes Feed Industry Notices to advise of policies and guidelines enforced with respect to the importation of certain livestock feeds. Canadian importers and foreign exporters can stay up to date on news and updates for the feed industry by subscribing to the Email Notification Services: Animal Information

CFIA Contact:
For additional questions or clarification on the importation of livestock feeds into Canada, please contact the Animal Feed and Veterinary Biologics Division (AFVBD) of the CFIA by email: