Requirements for Importing Health Products (COVID-19) into Canada

Here’s what you need to know on border requirements required for COVID 19 health products for importing and exporting. Medical products covered are Medical devices, hand sanitizers, hard surface disinfectants, drugs, clinical trials for COVID19 treatments and vaccines and other non-related COVID19 health products.

Health Canada works with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to assess the compliance of health products at the border. To ensure that CBSA and Health Canada can determine if health products meet requirements, shipments should include the necessary information, such as:

  • product licence numbers
  • site or establishment licence numbers
  • copy of the IO authorization or
  • copies of other import documents

Find the import documentation and declarations required by selecting the product type and sub-products category in a drop-down selection by using this tool on Health Canada’s webpage here.

Exceptions to Health Canada’s requirements are also noted in the import requirements section and contact information if you require further assistance.

Import declaration: Importers should work with their brokers or logistical companies to ensure products are declared correctly for entry into Canada.

For more information about importing commercial goods, see CBSA’s Step-by-Step Guide to Importing Commercial Goods into Canada.

For more information on Health Canada’s codes for declaration through the Single Window Initiative, please see the data element matching criteria tables.

To import medical supplies, please see the customs notice on tariff classification and other information.

For information on how to get authorization for a COVID-19-related medical device, please review the resources on medical devices for uses related to COVID-19.

Health Canada is expediting approvals of product reviews and relevant site or establishment licences for COVID-19-related health products. Find out what authorizations or licences you need to import COVID-19-related health products.