France and Germany Subject to New Section 301 Duties on EU Origin Products

The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced of additional Section 301 duties on European Union (EU) origin products, effective January 12, 2021, which apply only to products of France and Germany.

Twenty-five percent additional duties will apply to certain French or German origin wines, grape must, or spirits from distilled grape wine or must.  They will enter using a primary Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) number of 9903.89.57 and include the following HTS Subheadings:      

  • 2204.21.20    
  • 2204.21.30               
  • 2204.21.60               
  • 2204.21.80               
  • 2204.22.20               
  • 2204.22.40               
  • 2204.22.60               
  • 2204.22.80
  • 2204.29.61
  • 2204.29.81
  • 2204.30.00
  • 2208.20.40 -when valued over $38 per proof liter

In addition, fifteen percent additional duties may apply to certain French or German origin fuselages, fuselage sections, wings and wing sections, and horizontal and vertical stabilizers, for use solely or principally with new airplanes and other aircraft with an unladen weight over 20,000 kilograms, of HTS 8803.30.0030.  Subject goods will enter using HTS 9903.89.61.

Section 301 additional duties on European origin goods were established as a means of countermeasure to the Airbus dispute.

If you have any questions regarding Section 301 duties on imports of EU origin, please contact your Livingston account manager.