Fact Sheet No. 3: Implementation of the Temporary Import Certificate of containers

Single Window for Mexican Foreign Trade (VUCEM)

On February 16th, Fact Sheet No. 3 was published in the Single Window of Mexican Foreign Trade (VUCEM), through which reference is made to the Third Resolution of modifications to the General Rules of Foreign Trade (RGCE) for 2020, specifically to rule 4.2.13. in which it is stated that the “Proof of temporary importation, return or transfer of containers” must be processed through the Digital Window, which will enter into force on March 22 of the current year.

In this regard, you are informed that said procedure is already available in the production environment so that users can carry out pilot tests, until it comes into force, within the Digital Window in the procedures of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit, which can be accessed by electronic signature in the following modalities:

1. Temporary importation of containers.

2. Return of containers.

3. Transfer of containers.

4. Consultation, so that they are able to verify the status of their containers.

Likewise, they are informed that in order for users to know the procedure they must carry out to process the “Proof of temporary import, return or transfer of containers” through the Digital Window, the guide to user, which can be consulted in the following route: “Help” → “User manuals and guides” → “Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit” → “Temporary import of containers.”

Finally, it is specified that the performance of said tests does not exempt them from submitting to customs the official form called “Proof of temporary import, return or transfer of containers” of Annex 1 of the RGCE, which will be in force until 21 March 2021.

For any questions or clarifications, we are at your service at the following emails: alberto.martinez@sat.gob.mx , armando.alcala@sat.gob.mx  and contactovucem@sat.gob.mx

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