Extension of the health contingency- Servants of the Federal Public Administration

Federal Official Gazette

Secretariat of Public Administration (SFP) announced the extension of the health contingency period, which requires the continuation of the operation of the Public Administration Federal, in line with the policy of healthy distance and reduction of mobility, with an emphasis on remote work with the prevalence in the use of information and communication technologies, and the maximum use of the productive capacities of capital financial and human resources of the public sector, in those cases in which this is possible without altering the proper performance of its functions, and in those cases in which this is not feasible, attend on staggered days and / or hours, in accordance with the recommended sanitary measures by the Ministry of Health.

In this sense, during the period from October 1, 2020 to January 4, 2021, to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, the Heads of the Senior Officials Office of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and of the Units of Administration and Finance or equivalents in the Federal Public Administration, may authorize or facilitate public servants:

  1. Home Office, in those cases where this is possible, without altering the proper performance of their duties.
  2. Workdays alternated between the personnel that make up the different administrative units
  3. Staggered hours on the days they attend the work centers
  4. The use of information and communication technologies for holding work sessions and meetings
  5. The permanent availability of preventive health services during working hours.

The secretariats of Health, National Defense, Navy, Security and Citizen Protection, the Federal Protection Service and the National Guard, the personnel of the Mexican Foreign Service, as well as the Mexican Institute of Social Security, of the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers, the National Institutes of Health and High Specialty and other institutions that provide or are related to health services, civil protection.