Managing your customs process

Keeping your imports and exports moving

Cross-border trade is subject to complex processes and regulations that drain the resources of importers and exporters and expose them to the risk of delays and penalties.

Livingston International provides a comprehensive suite of services to keep your supply chain operating at peak efficiency and with minimal risk of interruption and added cost.

Whether you need expert advice, technology solutions or brokerage services, Livingston has the tools and knowledge to make sure your imports and exports clear customs reliably.

Our customs brokerage and compliance services will help you:

  • Stay abreast of applicable regulations for your industry
  • Manage customs entries and maintain critical records for compliance and audits
  • Maintain visibility into the entire customs process, by utilizing technology solutions such as Insight
  • Minimize taxes and duties by participating in free trade agreements
  • Obtain certifications in government sponsored programs, such as C-TPAT and PIP
  • Participate in cost-saving programs such as duty drawback and reconciliation

Contact one of our experts to find out how Livingston can help you manage your customs process for greater efficiency and reduced risk.

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