Criteria to register an address as a plant, warehouse or IMMEX warehouse

On September 23, the official letter was published on the official Twitter page of the National Foreign Trade Information Service (SNICE), which contains the following relevant aspects:

– For the purposes of articles 2, section IV, 11, sections III, subsection c), V and VI and 21, section II of the IMMEX Decree, they may be in the same address:

I. Two or more companies with an IMMEX Program, or

II. One or more companies with an IMMEX Program, with other companies or people that do not have said Program.

The foregoing, if they have legal possession of the property and that the facilities are physically delimited from each other and are independent.

– The following criteria are established to prove compliance with the provisions of rules 3.2.13 and 3.2.1 of the Rules Agreement:

a) It shall be understood as:

I. Delimitation: The area will be understood as delimited when in the document, by which the possession of the property is accredited, the dimensions of the occupied surface are established, and in this the physical division of the areas is visible by means of durable elements such as: fences, walls, cyclonic mesh, panel and vinyl tapes adhered to the ground (only when the process to be carried out is related between the companies registered in the same address.)

II. Independence: The place must have an entrance, exit and exclusive loading and unloading area for the company, without any relationship or dependency between them. Companies with an IMMEX program that require registering an address as a production plant, warehouse or warehouse, may avail themselves of what is indicated in relation to the definitions of delimitation and independence indicated in the previous paragraph.

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