Country of melt and pour FAQ for steel imports

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) previously announced the requirement to provide the country of melt and pour (COM) information on imports of steel products falling under General Import Permits (GIP) 80 & 81.

This is being implemented in two phases. Phase one began February 21st, 2024, where the requirement to provide the COM information is optional, the second phase beginning November 5th, 2024, when the requirement will be come mandatory.

The country of melt and pour is the original location where raw steel is first produced in a steel-making furnace in a liquid state and then poured into its first solid shape. The COM may be different from the country of origin and this information is usually available on a mill test certificate.

GAC has now provided an FAQ on the new requirements to assist importers with the understanding and gathering of this information.

Complete details, including the FAQ are available in: Country of melt and pour updates for steel imports).

Questions can be directed to:

Non-Supply Managed Trade Controls (TNC)

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