Countervailing duties on imports of flat stainless-steel products

Secretariat of Economy

On October 1ST, 2020, the Secretariat of Economy (SE) published the following information:

• The investigation procedure on unfair international trade practices is declared closed, in its modality of price discrimination and the following definitive countervailing duties are imposed on imports of cold-rolled stainless steel flat products, including definitive and temporary ones , as well as those that enter under the Eighth Rule for the application of the TIGIE, originating from China and Taiwan, regardless of the country of origin, that enter through tariff sections 7219.34.01, 7219.35.01 and 7220.20.02 of the TIGIE and under the Eighth Rule by sections 9802.00.01, 9802.00.02, 9802.00.03, 9802.00.07, 9802.00.10, 9802.00.13 and 9802.00.19, or by any other:

A) From $ 0.63 per kilogram for all exporting companies in China

B) $ 0.61 per kilogram for Hoka and $ 0.05 per kilogram for YLSS.

• No countervailing duties are established for imports originating in Taiwan from Yieh Mau, Yieh United and other exporting companies in that country. •The compensatory fee will be applied to the customs value declared in the corresponding petition

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