Consultations on Vehicle Emission Standards on Light Duty Vehicles

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change announced that the Government of Canada has published a discussion paper to begin consultations on the mid-term evaluation of Canada’s light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas emission regulations for the 2022–2025 model years.

The consultations will focus on a wide range of issues and emerging trends in the transportation industry. Some examples include the following:

  • the cost savings for Canadians, which result from more fuel-efficient vehicles
  • the cost of compliance with existing light-duty vehicle regulations
  • Canada’s commitments under the Paris climate change agreement and Canada’s clean growth and climate action plan
  • the competitiveness of the Canadian auto industry within an integrated North American market for vehicle manufacturing and trade

During these consultations, Canada will continue to pay close attention to the U.S. regulatory process, which is also underway, to revise existing standards for vehicle fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions in that country. As well, Canada will monitor the actions of California, other U.S. states, and the many other global jurisdictions that are also developing measures to address greenhouse gas emissions from light-duty vehicles.

Interested Canadians can submit their comments to Environment and Climate Change Canada until September 28, 2018.