CONAMER DRAFT: Updating of the general rules and criteria in Foreign Trade matters

Secretariat of Economy

On December 15th, 2020, the Secretariat of Economy (SE), published on the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement (CONAMER), the following modifications:

  • In this new version, the precision of the modifications made in the fifth, sixth and seventh paragraph of numeral 10 and to the first paragraph of numeral 10 BIS, both of annex 2.2.1, is added.
  • The concepts of the maquila program and the PITEX program that are planned to be eliminated are integrated.
  • The amendment to rule 2.4.2 is incorporated to replace the articles by the various articles 64 and 145 of the Quality Infrastructure Law (LIC).
  • The reference “mayors” is replaced, by “territorial demarcation”
  • In number 10 BIS, Annex 2.2.1 introduces the reduction from 5 to 3 business days for the beginning of the validity of the automatic footwear permits.
  • Section XI of Annex 2.2.2 is modified to incorporate tariff section 0901.11.02 and eliminate sections 0901.11.01, 0901.11.99.
  • Section XI TER of Annex 2.2.2 is modified. to incorporate the tariff items 8703.40.03, 8703,6003, 8704. 31. 02, 8711.20.05, 8711.30.04 and 8711.40.99.
  • Section IX of numeral 10 of Annex 2.4.1 is modified to incorporate tariff sections 4011.10.10 and 4011.20.06.

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