CN’s storage tariff changes

The Canadian National Railway has changed its storage tariff rates, effective May 15, 2018.

On April 13, Canadian National Railway (CN) published its Optional Services Catalogue – Intermodal (CN T 9100-V (3) (En)), which lays out updated intermodal tariffs. The tariffs went into effect on May 15, 2018.

You can access the 2018 intermodal catalogue by clicking here or directly from CN by registering here.

Changes and amendments include the following:

  • Sunday as a free day at U.S. terminals has been eliminated for loads and empties
  • Holidays have been added as an additional free day (if within the free time period)
  • The per day storage fee for loaded dry and refer containers escalates earlier within the storage period: Fees will increase now on the 4th chargeable day rather than the 9th day (Group 1 and 2, Reefer all groups), and fees escalate once more on the 8th chargeable day (group 1 and 2, reefer all groups)
  • Reduction of $50 for each chargeable day (max$250) for off-peak hours pickup at selective terminals

On Page 12, the new schedule for Dry and Reefer Steamship container unit load is explained.

CN notes that the tariff notification is subject to change with 30 days’ notice, which “shall be provided exclusively by direct communication to subscribers of this publication. Failure to subscribe shall be considered an absolute waiver to such notice period.”

To receive notifications on tariff item changes, carriers can register with CN eBusiness on the company’s website,