CN Rail workers on strike

November 19, 2019 – Train operators went on strike just after midnight this morning. CN Rail has released the following statement:

“We are informing you that the TCRC has initiated strike action. We will return to negotiations today with the assistance of the federal mediators. Without our 3,200 professionally trained conductors, CN cannot maintain our high standards of service. Unfortunately, we are forced to wind down our rail operations as we do not have sufficient qualified managers to safely maintain normal freight operations during this strike.”

CN began winding down operations this past weekend, in preparation for a possible strike. While there are no reports of significant disruption yet, a strike of any duration can have a significant impact on companies that rely on CN’s extensive railway system to move their goods.

After speaking with a CN contact, Livingston’s Director of National Traffic was able to provide the following update:

  • Currently, U.S. cargo movement is under embargo. CN has turned off manifest notifications.
  • Unionized personnel affected are train conductors and railyard coordinators. Train Engineers are not part of TCRC and are operating the Intermodal traffic to inland terminals. Railyard coordinators work at rail yards and not intermodal terminals.

Based on this information, if the strike continues, ocean cargo should be minimally impacted.