CITT Issues Finding on Cold-Rolled Steel from China, Korea and Vietnam

On December 21, 2018, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) issued its finding regarding the injury inquiry on certain cold-rolled steel originating or exported from China, Korea and Vietnam.

The CITT has determined that the dumping and subsidizing of the above-mentioned goods have caused injury to the domestic industry.

This follows the CBSA Notice of Final Determination made on October 31, 2018.

The subject goods are described as cold‑reduced flat-rolled sheet products of carbon steel (alloy and non-alloy), in coils or cut lengths, in thicknesses up to 0.142 inches (3.61mm) and widths up to 73 inches (1854mm) inclusive and excluding: a) organic coated (including pre-paint and laminate) and metallic coated steel; b) steel products for use in the manufacture of passenger automobiles, buses, trucks, ambulances or hearses or chassis therefor, or parts thereof, or accessories or parts thereof; c) steel products for use in the manufacture of aeronautic products; d) perforated steel; e) stainless steel; f) silicon-electrical steel; and g) tool steel.                              .

The cold-rolled steel is usually classified under HS Classification numbers 7209.15.00.00, 7209.16.00.00, 7209.17.00.00, 7209.18.00.00, 7209.25.00.00, 7209.26.00.00, 7209.27.00.00, 7209.28.00.00, 7209.90.00.00, 7211.23.00.00, 7211.29.00.00, 7211.90.00.00, 7225.50.00.00. These classification numbers are for ease of reference only. Please refer to the product definition for authorative details regarding the subject goods.

Anti-dumping and Countervailing duties now apply at the following rates:

Margins of Dumping and Amounts of Subsidy
Country of Origin or Export Margin of Dumping* Amount of Subsidy* Amount of Subsidy per Metric Tonne
China – All Exporters         91.9%          11.6% 506 Chinese Renminbi
South Korea – All Exporters         53.0%          11.3% 86,733 South Korean Won
Vietnam – All Exporters         99.2%            6.5% 2,607,988 Vietnamese Dong

*As a percentage of export price.

Additional information is contained in CITT Finding available on the CITT website.

A statement of Reasons will be issued by the CITT within 15 days.

Please contact your Livingston account representative should you have any questions.