Changes to U.S.-grown onion shipments effective January 21, 2015

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has advised that effective January 21, 2015 U.S.-grown onions imported into Canada will now require inspection/certification for the following end uses:

  • Fresh to consumers;
  • Bulk;
  • Further processing;
  • Repacking.

The pilot program for onions under the Beyond the Border Action Plan initiative has now been concluded. The Ministerial Exemption will no longer apply and, in accordance with Canada’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Regulations, an inspection/certification is required and must be provided.

The importation of onions requires inspection and is conducted using either the USDA inspection certificate or CFIA inspection.

CFIA Ministerial Exemption procedures will be updated on the CFIA website.

For further information contact the CFIA inspection office in your region.