CFIA updates animal feed policy and procedures

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has recently updated the Compendium of Medicated Ingredient Brochures (CMIB) with the following change to the MIB NRNC – Narasin and Nicarbazin document found within:

• A correction was made to the note for Claim 1 (broiler chickens). The word “not” was added to the heading “Note (required to appear on medicated feed labels)”. The heading now reads “Note (not required to appear on medicated feed labels)”. No other amendments were made to the NRNC MIB.

Manufacturers of feeds containing these medicating ingredients may require a label update. For administrative amendment, registrants are to send an application for feed registration to the CFIA’s Pre-Market Application Submissions Office (PASO) for each affected feed to have the revised medicated feed label approved by the Animal Feed and Veterinary Biologics Division.

The CFIA publishes Feed Industry Notices to advise of policies and guidelines enforced with respect to the importation of certain livestock feeds. Canadian importers and foreign exporters can stay up to date on news and updates for the feed industry by subscribing to the Email Notification Services: Animal Information

CFIA Contact:
For additional questions or clarification on the importation of livestock feeds into Canada, please contact the Animal Feed and Veterinary Biologics Division (AFVBD) of the CFIA by email: