CFIA Update to the Plant Health Potentially Injurious Organisms Program

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has issued a notice advising the streamlining of its plant protection program concerning the import, transfer and handling of potentially injurious organisms (PIOs) in Canada. PIOs include invertebrates and micro-organisms that are plant pests or that may be contaminated with plant pests. View the Notice to Industry for complete details.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Invertebrates, including insects, mites, and millipedes;
  • Micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, viroids, phytoplasmas, and nematodes;
  • Terrestrial molluscs, including snails and slugs, of the Class Gastropoda;
  • Earthworms;
  • Biological control agents (BCAs);
  • Pollinators, including all bees other than those belonging to the genus Apis;
  • Mushroom spawn for mushroom production;
  • Invertebrates and micro-organisms which are living modified organisms or organisms modified through biotechnology and which may be expressing novel traits; and
  • Insects which have been rendered sterile for the purpose of release as part of a pest control program.

Directives D-12-02 and D-12-03 provide the import and domestic requirements for PIOs under the Plant Protection Act.

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