CFIA Consultation – Blueprint for Imports an Import Revitalization Project

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is consulting with industry stakeholders on improvement to import programs and looking for your feedback on the current programs. CFIA publication of the “Blueprint for Importers” is a first step in the CFIA Import Revitalization Project.   

The CFIA designs and develops programs and frameworks that meet Canadian requirements and international standards. It also enforces regulations for food, plants and animals and their inputs. Imported food, plants and animals and their products must meet Canadian requirements. To verify compliance with these requirements, the CFIA implements control measures at strategic points along the import continuum, from the foreign country to the domestic market.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency wants your feedback as it embarks on an Import Revitalization Project. The project will help adapt its import programs to respond to:

  • changing industry requirements
  • modern tools and technology
  • enhanced risk modelling
  • evolving partner relationships

The Agency’s import programs and frameworks help ensure imported food, plants and animals meet Canadian standards. CFIA’s approach to import oversight aligns with the Agency’s efforts to safeguard the health and well-being of Canada’s people, environment and economy.

CFIA has published guidance on the import programs consult, learn more on: A Blueprint for Imports

The Blueprint for Imports provides a clear and transparent summary of recommendations to revitalize the CFIA’s import programs. It outlines measures to revitalize CFIA’s approach to import oversight, with a focus on effective and efficient risk mitigation. Informed by the Agency’s Import Program Framework, the Blueprint for Imports describes:

  • the context of import programs
  • guiding principles
  • key activities
  • a logic model

Continuous improvement is key to ensuring that CFIA’s import programs stay effective, efficient and current. Provide you comment or questions about the Blueprint for Imports,  email us at:

Feedback on the Blueprint for Imports will be used to inform the Agency’s implementation plan for import revitalization.