CBSA supporting fight against counterfeit products and pirated goods

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) holds a program to combat piracy and support the fight against counterfeit products and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) pirated goods entering or leaving Canada.

The CBSA has established a process that allows intellectual property rights (IPR) holders to file a request asking for the CBSA to temporarily detain suspected counterfeit goods encountered at the border while rights holders seek legal redress.

A Canadian trademark holder and an owner of a valid Canadian copyright holder are eligible to file a Request for Assistance (RFA) application with CBSA which can assist CBSA to identify and detain suspect commercial shipments.

More information

To learn more about intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark and patent registration please visit the CIPO webpage. You can also review Bill C-8, Combating Counterfeit Products Act.

Contact information

If you have any questions about the RFA application process, inquiries can be addressed to CBSA.