CBSA announces changes to how import-export programs (RMs) are managed

The Canada Border Services Agency has issued a notice to the trade community regarding the registration and maintenance of program accounts for importers and exporters (RM).

While the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has until recently been responsible for registering new import-export program (RM) accounts, that task has been shifted to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Going forward, all matters relating to RM accounts are to be directed to CBSA. The CRA remains responsible for issuing business numbers (BN9s) and for the registration to various CRA program accounts.

Due to CARM Release 2 being delayed until October 21, 2024, the CBSA is applying an interim process for issuing and managing RM program accounts. The process will be automated with Release 2 goes live, later in the year.

To register for a new import-export program (RM) account, download Form BSF947.

To request changes to an existing CBSA import-export program (RM) account, download Form BSF948.

Once completed, the forms are to be sent to

Any questions or assistance with registering for a new RM or updating an existing account should be directed to CBSA at or by using the CBSA Client Support Contact Form.