BREXIT Update: EU and Britain agree to extend Brexit to October 31st

The European Union (EU) has granted yet another extension to United Kingdom (UK) till end of October 2019 for Brexit resolution.

The UK is set to remain in the EU until October 31st and take part in next month’s European elections, after Theresa May accepted a new extension granted by EU leaders in the early hours of Thursday morning (April 11) that will prevent the UK crashing out of the bloc at the end of the week.

Under the agreed deal, the extension will run until October 31. But it does not take a no-deal Brexit completely off the table – the UK will be kicked out of the bloc if they fail to hold European elections on May 23. The UK government has already made plans to organize the polls.

EU leaders will also review the state of play at the regular European Council summit scheduled for June 20-21.

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