Blue water bridge resurfacing scheduled for April; delays expected

The Blue Water Bridge international crossing will be partially closed for roadwork beginning in April of 2015. The work is expected to be finished by July.

During the work period, several lanes will be reduced or closed. This includes the designated NEXUS and F.A.S.T. lanes for motorists, as well lanes as for buses. In addition, wide loads will be restricted to 3.35 metres (11 feet). The bridge will also be closed to bicycle traffic during this time.

Due to the longer wait times expected at the border, motorists are encouraged to travel at off-peak hours, if possible, or travel south to use the international ferry at Sombra/Marine City, or the bridge or tunnel crossings in the Windsor/Detroit area.

Work planned includes a resurfacing and waterproof undercoating of the original span.

For more information, please read the Blue Water Bridge Canada press release.