Amendments to Annex 2.4.1 (“NOM Mexican Official Standards Decree”) Rules and Criteria for Foreign Trade Secretariat of Economy

Federal Official Gazette

On October 1st, 2020, the Secretariat of Economy (SE) published in the Federal Official Gazette the following relevant information:

  • Goods subject to compliance with security NOMs

The table of numeral 1, section VIII of numeral 3, numeral 5 TER, numeral 6 are modified and sections VII, VIII and XV of numeral 10 of Annex 2.4.1 are repealed

  • Goods subject to compliance with NOMs of commercial information

For purposes of providing legal certainty, the following reference is updated: Official Mexican Standard NOM-051-SCFI / SSA1-2010, General labeling specifications for prepackaged foods and non-alcoholic beverages-Commercial and health information, published in the DOF on 5 of April 2010 and its modification of March 27, 2020.

  • Applicable procedures to comply with commercial labeling

Regarding the options to comply with the NOMs for commercial information in the country, the following procedures continue:

  • Proof of conformity in customs clearance
  • Compliance with NOMs for general information in a General Depot Warehouse
  • Compliance with NOMs of commercial information in a legal address
  • Labels with errors

About the benefit that allows to present merchandise with erroneous commercial information labels (in the name or company name, RFC, address of the manufacturer or importer), this is maintained in the same terms that is contemplated in said numeral)

  • Goods that are not required to demonstrate compliance with the NOM on Security or Commercial Information

For the following operations, the benefit of exempting compliance with the security or commercial information NOM is eliminated:

  • Imports of merchandise that will be used by individuals (section VII)
  • Imports of goods that are not going to be sold to the public as they are imported (section VII)
  • Imports of merchandise destined to remain in the borders and border regions of the country (section XV)

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