Additional Provisions to Numeral 6 of Annex NOMs 2.4.1

National Foreign Trade Information Service (SNICE)

On October 6th, the Secretariat Economy released Bulletin 0025, which indicates the procedure in case of requiring modifications or cancellations in the information on the folios of requests for services transmitted in terms of the provisions of numeral 6 of Annex 2.4.1, as detailed below:

Process: The accredited Verification Unit must send a new folio number to the email: adding an alphanumeric suffix, so that the corresponding validation can be carried out in the SAT.

Additionally, the Layout must be attached with the information related to the new Folio Number.

For successive transmission of information on folios, which are accompanied by an additional description to the models covered in the original folio, they may place a line below, the alphanumeric suffix.

Additionally, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) released Bulletin No. 20, referring to the application of PA identifiers and PB and code N3, in this regard, it is reported that it must be said that the application number or corresponding folio must be declared, regardless of the transmission of the corresponding electronic or digital documents.

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