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TradeSphere® Mexico

TradeSphere IMMEX is an indispensable software solution for managing the complexities of moving goods in and out of Mexico. Automate your shipping process while reducing errors and creating a reliable audit trail.

Simplify Mexican Trade Complexities

TradeSphere IMMEX simplifies importing and exporting at the Mexican border by generating shipment documents, calculating costs, and providing an online status view of goods. All documents for both U.S. and Mexican Custom authorities are generated and transmitted electronically.

Track Maquiladora Inventories

TradeSphere IMMEX is ideal for enterprises involved in Mexico’s maquiladora program. It meets all Mexican government IMMEX requirements for compliance. It tracks inventory movement, balances, and timing during import and re-export to other countries. Pedimento transactions are filed electronically with Mexican Customs.

Verify Qualification for STA-NAFTA

STA-NAFTA has further complicated the already complex Mexican import/export classifications. With TradeSphere IMMEX, you’ll have instant access to a complete parts classification database supporting Mexico-related transactions, including STA-NAFTA qualification for all parts and products.

Avoid Penalties and Back-Taxes

Efficiency always pays in time saved. But avoiding errors can pay just as much when penalties and back-taxes are routinely assessed. In Mexico, they can amount to a punitive 20-40% surcharge on goods. With TradeSphere IMMEX, every item is tracked, every potential error identified, and a defensible audit trail maintained.

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