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TradeSphere® Classifier

Proper classification of goods is essential to customs compliance and accurate duty assessment. Yet even large companies still use manual methods or cumbersome and costly add-ons to enterprise systems. The better way? Livingston’s streamlined cloud-based TradeSphere Classifier.

Consistent Accuracy as Data Changes

Inaccurate classification invites customs penalties and overpayment of duties. Yet products and components change continually and classification data is always shifting. TradeSphere Classifier is a rules-based engine that tracks every shifting variable worldwide, unifies all data, and automates classification across your global product database.

All Your Information in One Place

TradeSphere Classifier is a worldwide passport for your goods. In addition to classification codes, it holds vendor information, tax numbers, PGA information, export control numbers, country of origin information, along with all relevant documents. You have accurate answers when you need them wherever you need them.

Manage the Classification Workflow

The TradeSphere dashboard is a real-time snapshot of your global classification process. You’ll manage classification workloads with flexible work queues and notifications that prioritize the most important work. Quick links provide instant access to required documents. Built-in business rules automatically process new requests.

Professionalize the Audit Trail

Customs challenges to classification decisions can occur months or even years later. TradeSphere Classifier provides all the evidence: how you made your decisions, the data you used, and any subsequent reclassifications. Backup documents are attached to every trade. There is no better proof of due diligence.

Save Time and Money with Self-Service

Classifier is a self-serve online solution that links your trade team and supply chain partners, including brokers, freight forwarders, and customers. The convenient web portal means far fewer emails, calls, and interruptions, a serious saving of time and labor cost in organizations with major shipping operations. Plus, the hidden cost of inaccuracy often drops dramatically. And you’ll make more informed duties-based sourcing decisions that further reduce costs.

Automatic Integration

TradeSphere Classifier eliminates manual re-keying of data. Upload new data automatically from your manufacturing system or after a corporate acquisition. Then rapidly classify and prioritize the work queue based on shipping priorities.

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