Insight® Imaging

Immediate access to images of your shipping documents. When and where you need them.

Ready access to shipping documents is critical to overseeing your importing process and managing your customs compliance obligations. Historically, this has required importers to manage, index and store massive volumes of paper.

Livingston’s Insight Imaging can give you secure, electronic access to import shipment documents for customs clearance—within minutes of our receipt from your supplier or carrier.

Maintain your records electronically in accordance to regulations

Upon our receipt, your documents (including commercial invoices, purchase orders, ocean waybills and more) will be immediately indexed and imaged. You’ll have access to those images within minutes of Livingston receiving them.

Additionally, Livingston-created documents like EDI invoices, billing invoices, entry summary forms, post-entry claims and arrival notices are also imaged and presented as PDF files that can then be viewed, downloaded, or printed.

Insight Imaging meets both U.S. and Canada Customs record-keeping requirements. All imaged documents are considered the “originals” for Customs’ purposes. Documents are stored for 5 years in the U.S. and 6 years plus current in Canada.

How you’ll benefit

Save time and money. You’ll have instant access to your import documents. You can eliminate filing cabinets, off-site storage and file retrieval costs.

Improve compliance. Reference your imaged source documents to review and self-audit of your entry declarations to Customs and to build your customs compliance audit trail.

Streamline your processes. All of your documents are searchable by virtually any attribute so you’ll quickly find exactly what you’re looking for and have easy oversight of your suppliers.