Freight Management

Take the burden of freight management off your shoulders. We’ll handle as much or as little as you require. With the attention to detail you need.

Freight management isn’t a straight-line sprint from A to Z. It’s more like a series of hurdles. Our job at Livingston is to help you clear those hurdles so it feels like a straight line.

Think of our people, technologies, scale, and connection as an extension of your business. Never again worry about which documents are required for which shipments. Or whether you’ll have the right staff count during peaks and valleys.

We take care of everything.

With Livingston Freight Management, you get the best possible freight process. From planning, export documentation, and contracts to carrier selection, last-mile delivery, monitoring, and reporting.

You have the advantage of our efficiencies of scale, tailored to your needs, without all the difficulties or risks.

  • Import/export document preparation and submission
  • Freight contract management
  • Export booking and pre-shipment planning
  • eManifest filing
  • Pick-up and final mile delivery
  • Metric reporting and monitoring

Deadlines met. Accuracy assured.

Trade documents and declarations absolutely must be accurate. Your shipping schedule depends on it. Your customer relationships too. An expert Livingston team will manage and complete all your required documents. Our quality control is second to none.

Carrier contracts managed for value.

We can often make a major difference with carrier contracts (including ones you’ve already negotiated). And your contract-related data will always be accurate, centralized, and up to date. That includes shipping details, freight payments, and vendor/carrier management information.

End-to-end booking and pre-planning.

We also manage export/import booking processes. If you’re exporting, we’ll arrange pick-up or work with your contracted carriers. If you’re importing, we’ll track each individual shipment, keep you updated on the status, arrange customs clearance, and book final-mile delivery.

Self-serve automation for ultimate visibility.

The Livingston Global Freight Tracker online tool is a self-serve unified view of all your air, land, and sea shipments. Freight Tracker provides you with ultimate visibility to monitor, analyze, and act on all your shipments. Receive alerts. Anticipate supply chain delays. Track patterns. Run reports. Make better decisions in less time.