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Barge Services.

Inland waterway shipping is economical and environmentally friendly. Livingston provides secure access and dock services at 40 U.S. inland ports.

Shipping by barge can be the most cost-efficient and sustainable way of moving cargo via America’s inland waterways. Livingston has been in the barge business for almost 40 years through our highly regarded New Orleans-based barge operation.

Extend Your Reach By Water

Whatever the size or complexity of your cargo, we provide full service capabilities to extend your water-borne shipments. In addition to a large, well-equipped barge fleet we offer transloading, stevedoring, less-than-bargeload service, project cargo services, and 24/7 tracking.

A Greener Way By Far

Barges are by far the most fuel-efficient mode of moving goods. An inland barge can carry a ton of cargo 514 miles (827 kilometers) on a single gallon of fuel. Trucks, by comparison, can travel only 59 miles (95 kilometers) per gallon per ton.

Access to America

With Livingston, you can reach more than 40 key industrial ports along U.S. inland waterways including Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, and Nashville. From ship to barge to warehouse to rail or truck. In one straight line.

Seamless Transloading

We work with transloading partners to achieve the most cost-efficient warehousing, trucking, and rail loading and unloading connections. Bulk, breakbulk, or project cargo is seamlessly transferred no matter how specialized or complex.

Ocean Transfer Savings

There are substantial savings on ocean freight when containers are stripped and loaded directly onto barges headed for inland ports. We can strip loaded containers or bulk/bagged cargo weighing up to 28 metric tons for savings up to 40 percent.

Less-Than-Bargeload Efficiency

A less-than-bargeload solution allows shippers to avoid paying for the entire barge by consolidating several types of cargo in parcels. This can be ideal for crated material, steel coils, plates, pipes, and other metal products.

Project Ready

Barges are often the best way to move heavy and oversize equipment like earth-moving and mining vehicles, cranes, and excavators. We provide full end-to-end management including detailed planning and all logistical aspects of complex transfers.

Reliable Stevedoring

Our stevedoring partners ensure that your shipments arrive at their destination problem-free and on time. Stevedoring services are integrated seamlessly into your supply chain, including container storage and loading and offloading at all U.S. ports.


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