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Mexican Customs

Mexico’s unique import process can be tough to navigate. Not with Livingston at your side. Customs clearance. Warehousing. IMMEX. We simplify it all.

Importing to Mexico.Simplified.

Mexico’s import process is unique, and can be difficult to navigate. Don’t let the challenges deter you; the Mexican market is ripe with opportunities. Learn how to overcome common shipping difficulties into Mexico, and how Livingston can help you harness the profitability of this market.

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Importing to Mexico. Simplified.

Mexican Customs Brokerage Services


Temporarily import raw materials, parts, and components without delays or customs fees.

Solutions built around your needs.

Integrated solutions are a must when it comes to doing business across the NAFTA region. Robust reporting, tracking, and visibility are crucial for successful shipping across the Mexico-U.S. border. Seamless, flexible solutions save you from unwanted extra costs and wasted time.

One efficient point of contact.

One efficient point of contact.

Business is more efficient when communication is direct. With Livingston, you have a single dedicated point of contact to handle all your customs clearance. In the background, a skilled team makes your interests their priority. Your experience is consistent, shipment after shipment.

Knowledge and expertise.

Knowledge and expertise.

Rely on our industry expertise to stay on top of changing regulations. Whether you operate in the automotive, electronics, heavy machinery or food industries, or you need Mexican customs legal support, you can count on us to help you stay current and navigate the complex requirements that impact your business.

Integrated technology solutions.

Integrated technology solutions.

Attain visibility with a single client-facing system. Using one point to capture data and integrated reporting tools to share information electronically with all involved parties reduces errors and administration time. An automated process ensures that all the checks and balances are in place, and avoids discrepancies.

Trade compliance.

Trade compliance.

Don’t let compliance come as a surprise. We help you improve compliance by maintaining strict legal requirements and high quality standards. Automated solutions that improve customs visibility, annex 24 and 31 administration that address inventory control needs, and even archiving solutions – get peace of mind knowing your goods are in the right hands at all times.

We’ve got you covered. At all major ports across Mexico.

Your business reputation is at stake every time you import or export. That’s why experience matters. With coast-to-coast coverage and round-the-clock service, connections are easier and all bases are covered when it comes to your Mexican imports and exports. The combination between coverage and capabilities ensure a consistency in service only experts can offer. We’ve got you covered, from pickup to delivery.

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Extensive coverage.

No matter where your shipments are going, we offer extensive coverage into and out of Mexico. Your shipments are always accompanied by the proper documentation, adding another level of security to your operations.

Get the answers.

We have hundreds of resources in Mexico, at your service, ready to make your shipments a priority. Our 24/7 service model ensures that we can rapidly handle all your requirements, and are able to answer any questions regarding Mexican clearance.

Get access to everything.

We give you access to a full suite of advanced trade technology, designed to minimize cost and clearance time when it comes to Mexican imports and exports. Our highest standard of care, processes and internal controls are your disposal.


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