Shipping to the U.S.
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Are you compliant with all the rules and regulations that govern shipping to the U.S.? Failure to comply can be costly. Ensure your cross-border compliance with an expert toolkit.

Get your goods into the U.S. Hassle-free.

Considering doing business in the U.S., or expanding your current U.S. client base? It’s a no-brainer – the U.S. market is full of potential for exporters both big and small.

Still, it’s important to approach shipping to the U.S. with some caution. After all, there are complex rules, requirements and regulations that govern cross-border trade. Without at least a basic understanding of those rules, you can find your goods facing delays at the border, and your business on the hook fines and penalties that hit you right in the bottom line.

Get up to speed on the basics

Having a solid understanding of U.S. Customs clearance – and knowing the steps your shipments are going through, the people you need to communicate with, and the language needed to communicate on the same level – will help you manage any unexpected concerns and help you establish compliant processes moving forward.

Start your successful journey into the U.S. today. Download the Customs Professional’s Toolkit: Shipping to the U.S.!