Is it time to audit your service provider?

  • Managing trade risk

Four questions to ask when evaluating your customs brokerage partner

If you trade internationally, you know that your supply chain is a critical element of your business operations. And, whether you’re large or small; a retailer or a manufacturer; or buying finished goods or components; your customs broker is a very important partner. As with any relationship, it’s good to take a step back and critically review the relationship. Are you getting what you need?

Building a secure partnership with your service provider can create operational efficiencies, allowing you to focus on your core business, making your company more competitive. But not all service providers are created equal, and a less than optimal partnership can affect your bottom line.

Regular audits should include performance reviews and benchmarks, to help you ensure that your service provider is meeting your needs. To help with the process, this white paper provides some key questions to ask and why, including:

  • Does my service provider have the expertise and resources to help me develop my global strategy?
  • Does my service provider effectively communicate regulatory updates and trade data?
  • Does my service provider go the extra mile, like a true business partner?
  • Do my provider’s technology solutions help ensure my supply chain is robust, flexible and compliant?