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ARL: The Canadian system of record for commercial accounting and payment


In 2016, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) implemented the Accounts Receivable Ledger (ARL) as Phase One of its Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) project. As part of this initiative, the CBSA will change its refund process, effective August 01, 2016. Under the ARL, the daily and monthly account statements (K84) have been replaced with… Read more »

SOLAS: Container weight verification compliance


What it’s about Effective July 1, 2016, shippers must include the verified gross mass of shipping containers leaving from any port, worldwide. The regulation, mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) under the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention, requires shippers to weigh their shipping containers and provide a signed shipping document listing the… Read more »

Shipping to Canada.

Cross-border shipping is a great way to expand your client base, product reach and revenue streams. But there are rules and regulations to adhere to, and non-compliance can be costly. Expand your borders The Canadian market, like the country itself, is vast; it’s a true land of opportunity for U.S. businesses looking for new revenue… Read more »

Shipping to the U.S.
Just Got Easier

Are you compliant with all the rules and regulations that govern shipping to the U.S.? Failure to comply can be costly. Ensure your cross-border compliance with an expert toolkit. Get your goods into the U.S. Hassle-free. Considering doing business in the U.S., or expanding your current U.S. client base? It’s a no-brainer – the U.S…. Read more »

Maximize Your NAFTA Savings

Importers across the continent leverage the North American Free Trade Agreement to reduce costs and improve supply chain efficiency. Are you taking advantage? Learn how to get started. Maximize your NAFTA advantage Applying for NAFTA tariff treatments has its benefits. When applied correctly, NAFTA can lead to significant cost savings from reduced duties, increased supply… Read more »

How to make it in Mexico: Five tips for Southern border success (infographic)


New customers. New opportunity. Growth. Increased revenue. Mexico offers all these things and more for today’s modern businesses. It’s a rich source of goods, with new and emerging supply chain partners. It’s an ideal hub for importing and re-exporting. And it’s got a potential export market of more than 100 million customers. But like any… Read more »

Seven questions to ask a customs broker (infographic)


How do you find a customs broker that’s right for you? Every broker essentially does the same thing – facilitates the clearance of your goods as they travel across the border – but every broker is different. Big and small, national or regional, different customs brokers have differing strengths and weaknesses. Determining which one is… Read more »

Retail: Supply chain efficiency (Case study)


With more than 100,000 SKUs of art supplies, craft products and seasonal goods being imported from around the world, this retailer turned to Livingston for help in improving their automation efforts. After all, with that much product on the move, manual processes weren’t getting the job done. Learn Livingston helped the client establish a data… Read more »

Manufacturing: Importing processes (Case study)


A leading supplier of natural stone for commercial projects around the globe – including major hotels, casinos, embassies and large corporations – ran into supply chain issues during a large tower construction project. Due to the scope of the project, the company’s internal resources weren’t sufficient when it came to managing the complexities of moving… Read more »

Automotive: Compliance and trade software solutions (Case study)


When this supplier of brakes and steering systems needed to find a way to drive even more efficiency through its supply chain, it turned to Livingston for help. Livingston’s Insight software solutions were the ideal fit for helping this company gain visibility into their supply chain operations and reduce paperwork. Learn how Livingston help this… Read more »