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Business process outsourcing services - Livingston InternationalDelivering business process expertise so companies can focus on their core competencies. Livingston brings efficiencies by designing and delivering program management, information management and contact center services.

We will work closely with you to gain an in-depth knowledge of your business, to develop the right solution to meet your needs. Our experienced, professional staff will become your trusted business partner – an extension of your organization. We have earned an award-winning reputation for quality assurance and continuous improvement. Our standards of excellence are the highest, and our management systems have been registered to ISO 9001. Let us help you improve your processes, compliance, communications and, essentially, your bottom line. Put our experts and proven technology to work for you, and enjoy the efficiencies and flexibility we can deliver.

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Carrier services

Livingston’s business process services help carriers minimize delays at the border caused by inaccurate documentation, incomplete information and unreliable communications among shippers, brokers and government. Our expertise with government regulations and our fluency with cross-border documentation, combined with our superior data and workflow automation technology, help ease the challenges of crossing the Canada-U.S. border. This also enables Livingston to be a natural choice for importers and carriers that are looking for the best e-manifest service provider.

Eliminate or minimize late deliveries and dissatisfied customers. Our specialists know what to look for to validate documentation, how to obtain missing information and the need for speed, despite the complex compliance environment. With our process design know-how and leading-edge technology, we can simplify your business processes and improve compliance levels, without your having to invest in hardware or software.

We computerize your shipment data and border documentation processes to improve accuracy. We streamline and automate workflows for shipment processing and event logging for full track-and-trace. 
Our people and systems work as one, 24/7, performing data entry, e-manifest creation, validation, transmission to governments, receipt processing confirmation, status notification and other activities. Drivers and dispatchers will be notified automatically of a shipment’s release, speeding communication and, ultimately, delivery to your customers. 
What’s more, we can maintain your imaged documents for secure electronic storage of customs data and documentation. Our date-stamped electronic information trails and acceptance status validations will help you avoid fines – and give you peace of mind should you or your customers face an audit.

By working with hundreds of carriers every day, meeting the needs of more than 30,000 clients, we understand that carrier relationships are key to delivering exceptional service. We can offer you premium truckload, drayage and less-than-truckload freight opportunities. With our strong financial foundation and extensive network of offices throughout North America, you’ll have access to regional dispatch teams and prompt payment cycles. Contact us to become a Livingston preferred carrier.

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eManifest services

Beginning in the Fall of 2013, all highway and rail carriers heading into Canada must transmit their cargo and conveyance data to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) electronically before arrival at the border. A period of “informed compliance” is now underway, during which CBSA will remind carriers about their eManifest responsibilities but will not deny carriers entry into Canada.

The CBSA anticipates being able to provide carriers as much as 45 days advance notice of the mandatory compliance date. Once these regulations are in place, carriers must be fully prepared to submit their cargo and conveyance data to CBSA electronically before arrival at the border.

Failure to comply can result in penalties and/or delays.

Livingston can help. Our full-service eManifest solution will help you ensure compliance with all eManifest requirements, reduce wait times for your northbound shipments, save you time and money, and give you peace of mind.

Want to learn more about Livingston’s eManifest Solution? Download our brochure!

For more information or to sign up for Livingston’s eManifest solution, e-mail our eManifest specialists or call us at 1-877-661-0663.

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Information management

You can count on Livingston to manage your growing information requirements.  We develop end-to-end, reliable, user-friendly electronic data flows and provide secure storage, archival and retrieval solutions. Electronic images of hard copy documents can be accessed easily by any authorized user, any time, anywhere, over the web.

Our automated document workflow systems reinforce accountability, generate significant process efficiencies and protect critical information assets. This is supported by scalable, service-oriented architecture as well as document tracking, multiple authorization levels and real-time monitoring.  Through our web services technology, using open standards, and our process design expertise, we aim not only to meet but also exceed your document imaging, records management and business process needs.

We can transform your paper-based business processes into an electronic flow of information, on a secure technology platform, based on service-oriented architecture. We take the time up front to thoroughly understand your business rules. We work closely with you to streamline processes, identify accountabilities and implement changes that will derive the greatest benefits and return on investment for you. As your business evolves, we adjust, monitor and fine-tune to continually improve our information management solution, based on your evolving needs.

Your business process services partner

Livingston has earned an award-winning reputation for quality assurance and continuous improvement. Our standards of excellence are the highest, and our management systems have been registered to ISO 9001. Let us show you how we can improve your processes, compliance and communications, as well as your bottom line. Put our specialists and proven technology to work for you, and enjoy the efficiencies we can deliver. Focus on what you do best and let us handle the rest.

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Contact center services

Livingston’s business process services will help you maintain a superior level of customer service after hours, during peak periods, growth spurts or anytime. Rely on our expertise and our knowledgeable multilingual agents to respond to customer inquiries. Our experienced, multilingual and courteous agents are professionally trained in a variety of disciplines, including call management, troubleshooting and customer satisfaction, to provide clients with a high level of customer service support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We also offer cost-effective support for special projects, outbound call campaigns, order processing, dial-in or on-line event registration, customer-facing programs and other communication or staffing challenges.

Look to us to minimize your investment in in-house technology, space and people needed to provide quality contact center services. Deploy proven, scalable technology, customized process management and performance management, and professionally trained agents to manage varying volumes of inbound and outbound calls, with no need to incur capital costs, while improving customer support and streamlining critical internal processes. We can customize a solution that fits your business objectives, offering you flexible timeframes, multiple communication mediums, extremely low turnover rates, call monitoring, comprehensive reporting and around-the-clock service, including holidays, from our offices or yours.

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Program management

Whether it’s designing business process services for billing and accounts payable or managing end-to-end national programs, such as federal imported vehicle registration, Livingston has built an award-wining reputation for excellence, based on ISO quality standards, on-going resource training and leading-edge technology. Our program management expertise spans private sector projects across numerous industry sectors and multi-level government programs.

We can help manage functions in your organization that may not necessarily be critical to your mission but are vital to your success. We specialize in designing and delivering cost-effective solutions so you can focus on growing your core business. Whether you need to strengthen compliance through bullet-proof information trails or want to simplify business processes, we work with you to develop a tailored solution that will generate a significant – and continuing – return on investment. Our process design specialists incorporate people and technologies to streamline back-office functions, reduce operational costs and improve profitability. Count on us to make your office run efficiently, no matter how complex the activity, from data entry to managing an entire administrative process, such as billing or accounts payable. We deliver a more effective, innovative organizational design, with the flexibility to grow at your pace and adapt quickly to change.

Information technology-enabled services

Based on service-oriented architecture and open standards, our information systems are developed specifically to derive workflow efficiencies and eliminate the need for you to make unnecessary capital investments in human or technology resources. They are fully scalable, robust and modular, and can be readily integrated into any environment.